Monday, June 24, 2013

Vogue x Fairytales

I do love a good collab. This time I'm not talking brands but rather fashion teaming up with a range of adorable fairytales. Since... Well I can't remember anymore but I've been buying and keeping Vogue Magazines for A LONG time and then recently - I wasn't home - my dearest parents decided I was taking all their attic space in and threw my epic collection away. That was shocking and sad at the same time, still can't believe it. Thank god for the fact that my mom picked some special editions out of the bunch. 

Why Vogue you ask?! Well, their inspiration and creativity hits the maximum button every single time if you ask me. There are also other magazines I read (duuuh) such as Marie Claire, Harpers Bazaar and Elle. But in some way Vogue's pictures seem always somewhat fairytale like. Who's a greater inspiration than Annie Leibovitz for photographing such things?! None, she's the best. But that's just my two cents. She worked with Vogue but also with Disney and brought fairytales back to life. Breathtaking pictures with an enormous fashion allure. LOVE.IT. Here are some of my choices to drool on and added a little quote from every Disney film I really like.

By the way, seeing those pictures makes you want to watch some Disney films again, right?! What's your all time favorite one? Mine is Aladdin! Maybe a little obvious with Yasmin also having black hair and some southern roots ;-)?!

Sabrina, x.  

Gisele B√ľndchen & Mikhail Baryshnikov
Drew Barrymore
Viktor & Rolf
Jessica Biel
Rachel Weisz
Roger Federer
Michael Phelps & Julianne Moore
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