Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Glam green & bold blue.

Wearing: s. Oliver sweater / Deep Devotion necklace / H&M top / WE pants / Les Autres pumps (via Torfs)

These pictures make you long for the colder days, no? Ha! I couldn't even write this with a straight face. I know it's boiling in Belgium right now, in Scotland the weather is more modest as always, but I had these pictures laying around on my desktop so this is what you get. Weather appropriate outfit posts are so overrated btw! This blog is all about surprising and living on the edge yo. Oh and maybe a bit about exaggerating on my part. 

This matchy-matchy outfit works for me. Did you notice my zebra earrings? I bet you didn't, all camouflaged by my fly umbrella-ella. Maybe I should keep this post short if I want to avoid the did-she-forget-to-take-her-medication vibes among you dearest readers. I think I'm just in a good mood because next week I'm back home after six weeks (minus a short BeyoncĂ© weekend break). To state it with a beautiful Dutch saying: mijn thuis is waar mijn kledingkast staat. 

Naomi, x.

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