Thursday, June 20, 2013

Why do I like Rituals?!

Yesterday was the launch of Rituals' biggest Flagship store in the heart of Antwerp. Having no breaks at all - read: not coming out of the house except for finals - I thought what the hell Sabrina, just HAVE ONE. I'm that kind of girl that feels bad and full of guilt when I'm doing something fun during a period where discipline for studying is the greatest of all. 

Anywhooo! I don't talk a lot about beauty on the blog, maybe some more? What do you think? 99 % of the time I always stick to my favorite brands and hardly try a new one. Traditional? Maybe. But I do have a range of different brands I use so having 135435461 kind of products that give more or less the same result but just has another name isn't really my cup of tea. 

Rituals is one of those pampering brands I absolutely adore. Just only by entering the shop it's like I'm in beauty heaven. It gives a zen-feeling when walking around and it smells SO. GOOD. This Flagshipstore doesn't offer a whole new range of products which they already offered online but it is just much much bigger than the usual Rituals shop. I LIKE. Because most of the time, if there are a lot of people in the shop, I almost feel like a sardine in a box :-). 

But but why do I like Rituals?! 
  • I'm no coffee-lover AT ALL but when it comes to tea, ahhhhhh. Hammam-Mint and Jasmin Delight are my cup of tea.  
  • Last but not least, this one is an absolute recommendation! The Qi - Stress Relief Serum. Last year during second semester it was SO HOT that walking from my exam to the train station, the only thing that came to mind was 'I want to jump in a pool, I want to jump in a pool,...' . When passing the Rituals shop I just had to enter because the temperature inside was bearable. The shopassistent immediately said to me 'Oh, gosh you look stressed and tired'. I thought, okay it's that obvious I look horrible.. She gave me a little of the serum and rubbed it on my wrists and behind my ears and a little bit on my forehead. IT WAS AMAZING. Because of the mint-flavor it completely brings you zen and I didn't feel that hot anymore. It was true magic for me!
Everyone knows what Rituals is of course but in my opinion it was worth mentioning it ;-).

Now some more studying, 5 more days to go!
Sabrina, x.

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