Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Autumn leaves.

So here goes nothing! Hope you like my first outfit post. 
As you will see along the way I don’t have a specific style. I just wear whatever I like (and whenever for that matter) and think looks good on me, or more accurate what’s comfortable to wear. I don’t really participate in winter/summer color trends and love wearing things according to mood or simply according to what’s first in my closet!

Of course there are some things I own and wear at the moment that do follow the current trends, I’m not the one to say I’m totally rebelling against it either! As the parka I’m wearing (which can be bought in almost every store these days) will prove.
HOWEVER there is always a certain common theme running through all of my outfits. I just love everything that's vintage, collected at flea markets or simply old jewelry and what not! 

One thing I must say: Posing when your drunk, having fun on a day/night out or during holidays all comes natural but taking pictures of yourself or even letting someone else take them for you is Awkward (With a BIG capital A!). I TOTALLY agree with the Brunette on this one! 

Wearing: Parka (Real one from my father’s military time) / Blouse (Kimchi blue, Urban Outfitters, old) / Jeans (Slim fit Levis) / Biker Boots (Zara, old) / Scarf (WE men's fashion, old) / Purse (Bought on Holiday in Africa) / Earrings, You can hardly see because of my huge hair, hence the separate picture! (Gift from the boyfriend,  Jozefien Antwerp).

Elke, x.

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