Sunday, October 21, 2012

Burgundy & black.

I'm so easy to trick, seriously. All of a sudden my favourite colors of the past year were pastel and right now I'm really digging burgundy. Coincidence? I think not. But hey I don't mind, I've learned to live with it. Mainstream movies? Check! Mainstream music? Check! Mainstream clothing? Check! All aboard the mainstream train! Okay, I'll stop with the M-word now. Secretly, I always feel a bit edgy when my opinion doesn't match the 'Hot or not?' section in Flair.

I wore this outfit to the LabelLOV event and the presentation of the 'From B to A' S/S 13 collection of Jean-Paul Lespagnard. Busy evenings when you're rolling with Golden Ebony. Belmodo was at the LabelLOV event as well and they brought a "Le Madame" Delvaux bag. Since my modest student budget doesn't allow me to buy such a beauty, could you please vote for my picture? HURRY! 

Me being a tough motorchick, not exactly the right outfit though. I couldn't even ride my bike properly with this dress. Hard not to feel stupid when that happens. Sidesaddling it was! I'll leave the motorstuff to Vivacious Ginger next time ;). 

You like my beatles? Originally they were gold when I saw them a couple of years ago but a friend overheard me say I would like them more in black (sorry Golden Ebony) and tadaa I now have customized earrings. If my nana gives the green light to my plan, a DIY sweater is on the way! Stay tuned. 

Wearing: Earrings - costumized H&M / Blazer - H&M / Dress - Primark / Bracelet - Jimmy Choo for H&M / Bag - Primark / Boots - Van Haren.

Cheaply dressed Naomi, x.

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