Sunday, October 14, 2012


Autumn days are here!  I absolutely love the beautiful scenery and the coloring of the leaves. It even lets me forget (if only for a second) the awful cold temperatures that come along with it. 
So what better way of spending a lazy Sunday afternoon than enjoying the autumn view from inside your (warm) house while making a delicious PUMPKIN soup! As easy as can be, healthy, diet friendly and ECO-friendly since pumpkins are autumn vegetables! 
So here’s the recipe: 

What you NEED:
1.    Pumpkins ( off course! ), Use 1 and 1/2 
2.    Potatoes, 4 big ones (the more, the thicker the soup will be)
3.    According to flavor: onion, tomatoes, any vegetables you like (I didn’t  add complementary vegetables)  
4.    Bouillon
5.    Water, 2.5 L if you want a thicker soup (a lunch replacing soup), if not use 3-3.5L
6.    To add extra flavor at the end, some cream and/or parsley

What you DO: 
Chop all the vegetables in big chunks, as we will mix afterwards there’s no need of spending extra time cutting them in little pieces! Stove for about 2min with some olive oil. Add water and Bouillon. Let it simmer for about 30-45min. Mix, add some salt/pepper/cream/parsley/croutons according to preference. And as for the most important part of the entire recipe sit back, relax and ENJOY!  
Maximum result, minimum effort!


The Ingredients

Et Voila

Elke, x.

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