Monday, October 19, 2015

Fall gathering.

Eco Edit
People Tree organic cotton dress - LN⎪knits baby alpaca scarf - O my bag eco leather bag - Veja marble print sneakers

Darkness is upon us, which means I'm easing into hibernation mode again. Fat reserves are at an all-time high and my burrow, coated with blankets, warm socks, and candles, is in full construction. Another essential step in my hibernation process - besides denial - is the upregulation of cozy indoor activities: 
  1. Ironing - keep the hot steam coming
  2. Kayla's BBG - you'll never cool down from this
  3. Online shopping - for that warm glow of a perfect purchase
So I already ironed my handkerchiefs after dinner (grandma approves), I'm totally stalling Kayla's exercises by writing this post and I put together an online wish list this weekend. This season I'm going to invest in a few key items that will last for years to come. Okay, maybe those sneakers made me lose my marbles for a moment - GET IT? - but there's nothing wrong with an early spring investment. In the meantime I'll keep browsing the online market places for a sustainable pair of boots. (Sssht Kayla)

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