Monday, November 19, 2012

Random Wish list

Dear Saint-Nicholas, Santa, Boyfriend, Friends or anyone else who feels the uncontrollable urge to buy me presents

These are some of the things I need  want:

1. Item number one. I absolutely love this two-tone boyfriend coat! Very simple, bold and yet I think feminine at the same time.

Coat- Mango

Coat- Mango 

2.  I’m a big fan of little black dresses (on the other hand who isn’t?). With the Holidays coming up this black, simple but detailed dress is just perfect. You could make it your own by adding accessories but I would customize this dress by wearing extravert make-up, Big green Smokey eyes all the way !! 

Dress - Mango

3. And of course shoes! No wish list of any (sane) woman would be complete without shoes.

Shoes- Massimo Dutti

So there you have it my wish list for the moment!  

Note: Feel free to ask for my size if you indeed have the urge to buy me these things ;) A girl can dream right?

Lots of greetings!! 

Currently listening to Florence and the machine – Landscape
Elke, x.

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