Sunday, November 25, 2012

Touch of London.

If I can't go to London right now, I'll bring some London to my outfit. The hat, of course ;-)...

This was an outfit I wore on saturday for a romantic date with the boyfriend. We went to Brussels to experience a new cuisine: Ethiopian food at KoKoB. The Ethiopian tradition is eating with your hands and we didn't mind doing that at all. It was funny seeing how we struggled in the beginning but it was delishhhhhhhh. For food-lovers: this is a must-do restaurant!

Let's talk outfit now. I'm very picky in finding the right hat but I do love it when seeing other people wearing it. But eventually I found a kind of London bowler hat and a friend of mine convinced me to buy it so et voila... 

I was wearing a warm-winter poncho as well. I mostly wear this coat with my dresses because it's so easy! Again, wearing lot's of dark colors but I do try to accessorize it with flashy, funky colors, like my scarf. Neon enough? 

Wearing: Bowler Hat: H&M / Poncho: Morgan et toi / Dress: Riverisland / Hosiery: House of Fraser / Scarf: H&M / Statement Necklace: WE / Boots: Absolutely don't remember! / Clutch: Vila.

Btw: I'm looking for a neon yellow scarf, so if you have any suggestions: PLEASE DO TELL! Thanks ;-)!

'Till next time. 
Sabrina, x.

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