Monday, May 11, 2015

DYL | Go wild. - Dovrefjell & Lofsdalen

Three weeks ago I got an exciting message from one of my biology buddies. If I didn't want to come with on a short trip to Norway and Sweden, organized by Europe's Big 5. Hell to the yes! I can definitely use a shot of wildlife. 

As of tomorrow I will be on the hunt - pun intended - for some of Scandinavia's most elusive species. On my carnivore bucket list: Eurasian lynx, brown bear, arctic fox and wolverine (the real deal, sorry Hugh).  Whether I can cross a lot of species off my list or not, the views will be breathtaking and serene. Just what I need. Daily life can be so overwhelming and numbing at the same time. Being surrounded by nature always gives me that extra boost I need.  

I can highly recommend to go out there and immerse yourself in all the grandeur nature has to offer. You'll love it!

I'll do my best to update you via Instagram, and otherwise you'll definitely hear about my wild adventures on the blog later on.

Ha det bra!

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