Sunday, May 04, 2014

Sunny day.

Photos by Archistas

PERSONAL / First of all: I HAVE A JOB! Welcome, monthly income! I've only been searching for three months, but I've been broke since September so these months felt like eternity. After they called me with the good news, I immediately packed my things and headed for Antwerp. I got myself a present for my grandma, a poster for my future apartment, and a pineapple t-shirt. Celebratory shopping is the best!

OUTFIT / This blouse is all over my Instagram - here, here, and here. Although I'm a personal style blogger, I still wear clothes more than once a week, especially when they're this pretty. I just mix it up a bit with different garments and accessories. After all, there are only three things that matter in fashion: combination, combination, combination. So, how do you like my combination?

PHOTOS / Once again, Maya took some great shots of me - thanks a million! She's been a busy bee (get it ?) with her camera. That day she also made pictures of Annebeth, Paulien, and Nathalie. Work it, girl! You can always contact her for pictures, I would do it now before she starts charging money, folks ;). 

C&A sunglasses / Stradivarius necklace (here) / Costa Rican bracelet / Only blouse / Levi's jeans / Zara sandals

Naomi, x.

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