Saturday, March 29, 2014

White coat.

M.A.C lipstick Essentiel blouse New Look necklace H&M coat Vila pants Kensie boots 

While everyone always is saying that white outfit elements fit perfectly with the color of my hair, I wasn't completly convinced. Until... H&M produced a white midi spring coat that caught my eye. After standing about 20 minutes in a fitting room - something that rarely happens - I was more or less convinced. It's an easy item when attending a meeting, going out for a fancy dinner or if you don't want to wear a 'real' coat on days like these. The tailored fit and puffed sleeves makes me more happy of my decision. When wearing something neutral I'm in dire need of a striking color. This A-line shaped blouse has a lovely bubbely pattern and an amazing contrasting back zipper of which I didn't take pictures - good one Sabrina... 

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to enjoy this sunny weekend with a BBQ feast, a party and catching up with some of my besties. Hallelujaah to the weekend.

Enjoy the weekend!
Sabrina, x.

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