Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Black and florals.

Remember the Lana Del Rey collection for H&M? While everyone was swooning over the pink angora sweater, I took this pretty floral arrangement home. I'm so glad I did, now the truth about angora wool surfaced. Never stop checking your clothing labels, people! And whenever you're not sure about the origins of your clothing (or food), just avoid it all together. 

Mixing prints, yet again, although very subtle in this outfit. If you're rather hesitant about wearing different prints, I suggest breaking them up with a plain middle piece like I did here. In no time, you'll be hooked on the concept! 

Lately I've been pondering about what to do with my hair. When I see these pictures, I really want to keep my coloured pieces but other times I just want to dye it completely brown again.
WHAT TO DO?!  #firstworldproblems

Ice Watch sunglasses (c/o) / H&M floral shirt / Filippa K trousers / Primark loafers

Naomi, x.

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