Friday, March 14, 2014

Outfit | Layers

For those who followed me on Instagram the past week saw this picture popping up. Me, New York and my co-travellers = happy as a hippo! It was an amazing trip and I wish I could go back. All relax and no stress. This getaway gave me also a chance to take some pictures again. Thank god Naomi is doing a great job at it but I've got some news: I GOT A NEW CAMERA. FINALLY. New York was my try out and I'm totally hooked on it! You feel so dependant when not having a camera and relying on others. 

Outfit talk now. The boyfriend and I really can enjoy some good cold weather with the additional sunshine but New York challenged us for sure. We've never experienced such an ice cold wind so that called for layers

Some days 3 layers weren't good enough... Can you already imagine the temperature I'm talking about?! My solution: - and Floris will confirm - I was a 24/7 hyperactive child jumping up and down, running, singing out loud,... whenever I got the chance, just like this picture above. Free as a bird without New Yorkers looking at me ;-). Loved their mentality, A LOT. 

Oh by the way, if you haven't noticed yet, these pictures were taken on the famous Brooklyn Bridge. Incredible walk, a view that took my breath away and a clear blue sky. Ahhhh...

Wearing: Ken Boots | Vila Jeans | Zara Blouse | Urban Outfitters Cardigan | H&M pompom Beanie | Michael Kors Watch

Sabrina, x.

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