Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I spy with my little eye #2

Ready for round two? There's a lot of SS14 goodness involved! I can't wait to have some pocket money again. It's a bum life. 

Sneakers - €229,95

Kennel & Schmenger
I would seriously throw out all my other shoes, if I could have a free lifelong supply of this brand. Especially those chunky white sandals need to find their way to my closet asap. 

Animal print, need I say more? Someone please book me some plane tickets because I wanna parade in the toasty sunlight with these colourful bags.

Ice Watch Eyewear
Fancy a pair of funky sunglasses? I'm planning on wearing my purple ones the whole summer! The great thing about these glasses is that they fit every (normal sized) head because of their flexibility, check here for more information.

Shimmer Twins
I definitely want to try out these eye-catchers one day. Maybe I'll have to practice with regular lashes first, building up slowly to the ultimate va-va-voom lashes!


I have a very shameful confession to make: I do not own a single biker jacket. This one hanging all cool at the Media Mania showroom immediately caught my attention. Of course I picked out the most expensive one, ever. All my trust is in you, Win For Life.

Les Cupcakes d'Emilie
Yes, they are as delicious as they look. I wish I had a box within reach right now, stuffing your face is far more satisfying when no one can watch you. That is the danger with those mini cupcakes, one won't do it. You can order these flavour bombs for a party or just buy them at one of the selling points (for a private party *winkwink*). Click here for more information - I so know you want to.

€39 - €49 - €29

Foekje Fleur
Quirky & pastel, these vases would be perfect additions to my imaginary interior. I think I'll stop by my nonexistent florist tomorrow for some fictional fresh peonies. Sounds like a plan to me!

Naf Naf
This brand is looking very promising for the coming season: exotic prints and luxurious fabrics. At the moment you can still score some nice sales over at their e-shop. Or just simply look at it, like me.


El Casco
I'm one 100% sure every self-respecting stapler aficionado would want to tap that, over and over. Never thought I would swoon over a stapler, but these ones are just to pretty. By the way, how else am I going to keep those damn papers together? Paper clips are so 2013.

My favourite pieces from the upcoming collections, especially the powder pink trousers. Where's my grey coat? - #bloggerjoke - Every time I walk into an Esprit store lately, my wish list quadruples. I'm firmly holding on to my wallet the coming months. ¡Jesús me favorezca!

Pretty Ballerinas
With a name like that, you can't go wrong. My eyes particularly sparkled when I saw the Charleston model, can you guess which pair? Shoes make me so happy.

That's all folks!
I hope you can leave this blog very inspired (and full-on drooling).
Naomi, x.
(All pictures by me or the brand itself)

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