Friday, January 24, 2014

Step by Step | Outfit

Forever 21 tartan shirt - Gap sweater - Zara jeans - Converse all stars - Urban Outfitters shoulder bag (pretty one here)

One of the few things I bought during sales was this black shoulder bag. The colour is versatile and the size perfect for short trips around town. I needed a new one, big enough to hold my wallet, cell phone, keys, water, snacks... I take shopping excursions seriously and hydration is key! Another handy item in my wardrobe is the grey sweater. It's so easy to throw this one over whatever I'm wearing, it (almost) always works. Step by step I'm getting closer to a closet packed with essentials. I'm sure it makes life that much easier in the morning. Well I hope so?

Enjoy the weekend, it's over before you know it.
Naomi, currently unemployed, x.

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