Sunday, September 06, 2015

The walking dead.

August 14, 2015. A couple of weeks earlier I decided to enter a walking event with colleagues. Nothing major, just a 100k route that had to be completed within 24 hours. While typing this just now I actually got an awesome idea for next year - Jack Bauer style - and judging from the first picture of this post my subconscious was already in on it. So 100k, not to be taken lightly. Several months of preparations and decent walking gear are advised by the organization. Since preparations were stagnating, I knew at least my walking gear had to be on point. Lucky for me, Decathlon was willing to help me in that department. Their helpful staff set me up with a light, yet sturdy pair of trekking shoes. The ideal model for long walks on rather flat surfaces, check and check.

My first 'Dodentocht' or 'March of the Dead' was super exciting, being part of an immense group with the same purpose is really overpowering. Over 12.000 people roamed the streets that night and day. Streets that were almost nonstop filled with cheerful supporters and street parties. What an experience! But alas, after a long night of strolling around, my legs and feet started to cave. Kilometer by kilometer my pace slowed down, until I arrived at the Palm brewery and stopped altogether. My end result: 52,18k. Not too shabby for a first time, methinks. Although I had a couple of painful blisters, the day after I could already walk around in my shoes again. Tested and approved! Next year I'm definitely wearing my Quechuas again, and this time over the finish line. Who's with me? 

temporary tattoos by Montattoo

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