Monday, September 28, 2015


A little trip down memory lane. Back to my latest holiday, when not falling flat on my face was my main concern. Those tiny skateboards are tricky bastards and my balancing skills are near to non-existent. It may come as no surprise that I prefer the skating stance of my last photo. They see me rollin' - with my hot pink Teva sandals! I wasn't lying when I said I would set the record straight this year (read: Rise of the Teva). My sandals have been practically glued to my feet these past few months. The perfect wardrobe buddies, travel companions and summer sidekicks! Fall leaves me positively heartbroken. And no, I'm not going to wear them with cozy socks or anything. That's not fashion, that's just plain ignorance. When the cold hits the air, every inch of my body is getting covered up by multiple layers of warmth. Luckily I already found the perfect Dr. Martens boots to help me in that department. Now for the rest of my wardrobe..

On a totally unrelated topic: my cup of tea has a subtle cat urine fragrance, but it tastes delicious and now I feel uncomfortable. What are your current thoughts? Please don't leave me hanging.

Beyoncé sweater, River Island jeans, Teva sandals.

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