Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Dark soul.

Talk about contrast. From full-on spring vibes to winter gloom in one post. It has been quite a dreary week, besides from the obvious weather depression. From a broken down car, to a failing package delivery and a stitched up finger that's messing up skiing holiday. The initial plan was to go snowboarding but after my little encounter with broken glass, skiing served as a safer option. I'm probably a funny appearance on the slopes, with one stick in hand, but skiing does serve its purpose. I'm still in one piece! On to the next three scot-free days in the sunny mountains.

On this note I'm going to leave you guys, my painkiller is wearing off. You can follow the rest of my dangerous adventures on instagram (if I manage to capture some WiFi in this hellhole). Byeez!

Monki cardigan, Supertrash top, H&M necklace, Zara jeans, Tom & Eva boots (via Lily).

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