Sunday, November 08, 2015

Battling darkness.

At this point I'm seriously starting to doubt it's always so dark at the beginning of November. We still have more than a month ahead of us until the days start lengthening again #neverforget. The Dark sometimes creeps up on me, with its suffocating grip. That's why, although fall and winter are the seasons of choice to work on our fitness, they're not very appealing to the mind. Praise Jebus for christmas lights. 

I definitely need to condition myself to work that body and that's where Calzedonia and Decathlon come in. They both organized grueling (read: sporty) blogger events with at least one profound consequence: I turned into a nighttime athlete! Your first guess might be that they covered me in christmas lights, and actually you're not far from the truth. 

Firstly, Calzedonia bestowed upon me the gift of fluorescent leggings. The brand recently launched a fitness collection in collaboration with Camille Rowe. The leggings have a good fit but I especially love the mesh detail of my pair, badass and breezy at the same time. Since one does not simply recreate shots that originally featured models, I decided to let the clip below do all the talking. 

Decathlon in turn gifted me with a phenomenal running light. No more excuses to crawl to your couch immediately after work because it's already getting dark outside. This surprisingly comfortable harness guides you wherever you need to go, blinding unknowing cats along the way. The only small downside to the light being attached to your chest, is that you have to keep your Tom Cruise run in check if you want to avoid annoying shadows. I'm still learning every day. 

How do you keep yourself motivated to work out during these dark times?

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