Sunday, August 16, 2015

Ribs and holes won't break my bones.

Here I am again with another classic sweater and jeans combo. Does it ever get old? Well, I'm wearing all new items, so I guess not! (...) Sorry for being totally lame. My mind is currently busy adjusting to the fact that my week of freedom is over. Tomorrow it's back to lab coats and restricted breaks for me. Huzzah. Can't say that I used this past week for particular productive purposes - what else is new - but I did manage to get off my ass for some 'leisurely' walking. More on that later! 

The outfit, round two. I bought the whole shebang in sales, actually on the same day so this outfit was pretty much a sure thing from the get-go. The soft pink sweater had already crossed my path before that day, but since I had just acquired a white ribbed sweater, I nipped my hankering in the bud back then. Until sales arrived, obviously. The pants on the other hand practically bought themselves with their stretchy jeans material. So annoying when that happens, summer is damn expensive. 

Soaked in Luxury sweater, FC Jeans (both by Lily), H&M sneakers. 

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