Saturday, February 14, 2015

In the mix.

Temperatures are finally up, big hooray! It's much more fun to pick out clothes when you don't have to cover them up with endless layers of scarves and coats. Did I already mention I have to take the train and bike to work everyday? So don't shoot me if I choose warmth and comfiness over fashion (you would do it too). Especially because I have to switch clothes immediately after I arrive at work. In case anyone's wondering, my current work outfit consists of a hairnet, white pajamas, fugly white work shoes, and a green or blue overall. Topped off with sleeves, gloves and the occasional mouth mask or protective glasses when I'm handling samples. Here's a visual, now doesn't that look like a great deal of fun?! 

You can imagine why I love to dress up in my spare time. And my new hair color, granny grey, has already proven to be a smart choice in that matter. Grey goes with literally every color! I think? For this outfit, I combined silver/grey with gold/camel. Definitely a combination that shouldn't be restricted to jewelry only. Almost can't wait for spring to hit town and ditch those winter coats!

Monki shirt, COS cardigan, H&M skirt, Adidas sneakers. 

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