Friday, January 04, 2013

Shabby Chic meets Nature

Besides the endless stacks of fashion magazines in my room and elsewhere – and you can take this literally – I’m also a sucker for Interior Design. Not only are those magazines a huge inspiration for my future humble home but also pinterest is a major walhalla of ideas.
Sometimes I can’t wait to start decorating my own place by the sight of these pictures…

My taste of home interior is more or less shabby chic meets nature. In my words, that means: lots of white with colorful accessories, complemented with many wooden elements. You can call me crazy but most of all I would like to DIY 50% of my interior. You can’t imagine how easy it is to DIY in a cheap way and at the same time it has a level of chicness. But that’s my opinion ;-)! 

And for the blogger-lovers that didn’t know it yet: we have Pinterest and one of the mood boards is my inspiration for interior that you can find here ;-)!

Enough chitchat for now and behold my inspiration for interior and exterior :-)…


*Lovely details*


pictures: Pinterest

I was wondering: what's your style or dream house to be? Uhuu, I'm very curious :-).
Sabrina, x.

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