Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cheetah hipster.

Wearing: Sweater - Suncoo (Zalando) / Necklace - Gift / Dress worn as top - Billion Dollar Babes / Jeans - Levi's / Boots - Van Haren

Of course I'm also the proud owner of a cat sweater, what did you expect? I unconditionally adore the whole cat family, my favourite carnivores! So obviously I can't complain that the shops nowadays are stuffed with pretty cat garments. The only downside is that I developed a new pet peeve.. Yes I'm that kind of person :D. I think most people can agree that wearing T-shirts of music bands you don't even listen to is really lame. Well, my dear readers, not knowing which cat is depicted on your sweater does the trick for me. How many times I've seen people talking about their tiger sweater, when actually they were wearing a leopard sweater, you have no idea. Horripilation all the way (I would say goosebumps but those aggressive birds really give me the creeps)! I'm so petty sometimes ;-).

Moving on! I wore this outfit to my final exam, mammalogy. How appropriately dressed can someone be, right? This month it was, and still is, really comfort above all. The cold weather isn't helping either, I just want to watch series all day cuddled up under a big blanket wearing my comfy sweatpants. Any (new) series I should try out? Winter outfit inspiration is definitely lacking at the moment. A ticket to the sun over here please!

To stay in theme: I recently bought this cute ringholder. I've lost a couple of rings in the past by misplacing them and I'm sure as hell not going to let that happen to my new ring.

Ringholder - Urban Outfitters / Bow ring - Just Julia

Naomi, x.

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