Friday, December 26, 2014

I'm on the right track, baby!

You want to hang on to that Christmas spirit a little longer? Me too! All the pretty lights and decorations have to stay put at least until the end of January. Otherwise I'm heading towards a winter depression for sure. Arriving and leaving work in complete darkness will do that to a sun-loving person. Luckily I have loads of warm and kind people in my life that know how to lift my spirits. Joppe, the fierce little rascal that he is, decided to bestow a funky Christmas album upon me earlier this month. I'm sure everybody has already enjoyed some of the glorious a cappella performances of Pentatonix. No? Really? Watch the evolution of music here - a must hear! Sometimes I like their versions even better than the original. For example, this is how Problem sounds like without Ariana's high pitched voice. Muchos better!

That's Christmas to me is filled with brilliant adaptations of - how could you have guessed - familiar and less familiar Christmas songs. Everyone should own at least one cheesy Christmas CD, so why not this one? Perfect buy for all of us youngsters that are leaving the maternal nest and are creating a home for ourselves. Talking of which, no home without some Queen B, right? That's why I decided to donate Beyoncé's self-entitled album to the less fortunate. How else would you call someone without this earth-shattering album? I hope you love it as much as I do, Amélie! To complete this Sony Music Santa Blogger Chain, here's Pentatonix with the evolution of Beyoncé.  Big love ♥

Thank you Sony Music Belgium and Walkie Talkie for this fun initiative!

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