Friday, December 19, 2014

DYL | Go nuts with your hair.

Photos and editing by Maya
Hi, bad bitches! It's already been a while since I made the switch from whimsical brunette (remember the blue ♥ ?) to mysterious blonde. Not that I stopped there, every time my dark roots had to be taken care of, I asked my mom to cut my hair a bit shorter. I'm a daredevil by blood, not relation.

It was a huge change, but I feel so refreshed. My new coiffure even shifted my clothing preferences, hello simplicity! Over the past few months I got so many compliments, also loads of people telling me what they would love to do with their hair if they only dared.. Why not do it now? Life is too short to have boring hair.  If you want one - simple and easy - resolution for next year, let it be this one: 

Special thanks to my mom for the family discount ✌ - find her here:
Kapsalon Kontrast
Liersesteenweg 195
2800 Mechelen

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