Sunday, March 16, 2014

Food in NYC

When I'm on holiday I enjoy my food to the fullest. Trying new stuff, taste the typical food they have to offer and really don't care about how much calories a meal contains. On the last day of my trip I was so bummed I didn't take any pictures of the restaurants/deli's I've visited. That's on my to-do list during my next holiday (in like, next year?! Bummed...). 

For now I present you some of my favorite food breaks. We visited some AMAZING restaurants of which I forgot to take pictures of, sadly enough, but hopefully these will do! 

We arrived arround 2 PM at the hotel, relaxed a bit, changed outfits (sitting hours on a plane makes me feel terribly unclean) and went for a walk on Park Avenue. If there's 1 thing I love to do, it is having apetizers with a glass of wine and so we did. I always ordered French wines because the American wines are too sweet for my taste. With that we ordered olives and homemade hummus

As we really like Asian food it was impossible not to visit Chinatown. Locals suggested us to go to Joe's Shanghai. Delicious and cheap! We loved it so much we visited the restaurant twice, something we normally never do on holiday. We ordered different dishes because sharing is the best! I chose the Shredded Beef Noudle Soup. The beef literally melted in my mouth...

Joe's Shanghai is famous for their dumplings so we ordered them as well and some main dishes like General Tso's Chicken, something with fried noodles and something with fried rice. DELISH! If we would have a restaurant like that right here, I would seriously go every weekend. 

When in NYC have 1 or more bagels. No regrets, only delishness! If you order a bagel here (so far I've experienced) it's lots of bagel and little content. In NYC if you ask a Smoked Salmon/Cream Cheese/Tomato bagel you get tons of salmon, cream cheese and tomatoes. REALLY enjoyed it. I only had a some difficulties getting the bagel into my mouth but that's just nitpicking. My partner-in-crime had a Parmagiano/Chicken/Marinara bagel. Very heavy, apparentely...

A couple of hours later I ate my Lemon Poppy Muffin. The name itself was so cute, I couldn't resist. Most of the girls I know went to Magnolia Bakery and got some cupcakes. As much as I love the look of cupcakes, it's again too sweet for my taste. So I chose the pretty darn big muffin.

Don't leave The States without having a burger, right?! On a Sunday we took the subway to the quiet, lovely Williamsburg (Brooklyn). When we saw the sign "Williamsburger" we looked at each other, nodded and went in. I love it that we are so much alike. 

First off, our pickeled and hot appetizer. As a main, he had the Jalapeño burger and I just had a regular one. 

Sabrina invaded Little Italy as well, just for quick stop. A local told us there was a Pastry shop, called Caffé Roma, that made the best Sicilian Cannoli's in town and even got awarded for it. I never go for dessert but I HAD to try it. I took a couple of bites and I must admit, it's special. But if the meal doesn't have a sour or salty main taste, then I won't love it to bits. The other sweet tooths loved it though. They had a Triple Chocolate Wave Cake, Carrot Cake and a Cannolo Napolitana (with chocolate).

We had Persian food, seafood, junkfood, salads, pasta's, pizza's, steak, wines, champagne, cocktails, soda's and so much more. Foodwise? Awesome! 

That's it for now!
Sabrina, x.

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