Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bubblicious pink.

Warning: This outfit post contains strong colours and fashion references from the outset and throughout. 

Wearing: Biguine 'dolly pink' lipstick / Titi + The German Kid braided necklace / Club Monaco shirt / Simple comme Bonjour heart ringLevi's jeans / Topshop wedge sneakers 

Pink is my friend. When I was little some days it would be the only colour I wore. It helps of course that I'm not a blonde, you know with the whole 'taking you not serious' thing. To complement the pink I was wearing my new favourite top, I must say it's not easy to take it off on my own or to put on shoes while bended over, but hey I look good doing nothing. Some beige sneakers to finish off the look and I was ready to go! The next day I sported this outfit with some blue sparkly shoes, mainly because my feet were brutally slain by the former ones. 

In conclusion, neutral colours just scream for some bright touches. Colour = fun! Try it, you might be amazed by how it affects your mood. 

Naomi, x.

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