Monday, April 01, 2013

First things first.

This last week has been a week of firsts. Some good, some bad. 
The week started with the news of the birth of a baby girl. My boyfriend and I first met all the way back in 2006. A slight point of remark, he’s 9 years older than I am.  Although this is no issue, it is a world of difference when his friends start to buy houses and start getting children. I’m still studying and my bank account is still far from ever being ready to buy a house. When holding the little baby I do feel ready to become a mother but 23 is just way too young for me to be starting a family. 

On Tuesday I received my new shoes. I ordered them on Spartoo, never really placed an order there before. Must say their service is great! I bought them on Friday and next Tuesday I already got my package! Out with the old in with the new all-stars! They have done their job great and I will still be wearing them but spring called for a change of scenery shoe! On Wednesday I wore this outfit. My new shoes, together with a new sweater and of course as weather prevents me from going jacketless, heaps and heaps of layers!

And then on Thursday a first but not a good first happened. I was involved in a car accident although I wasn’t in fault and nothing bad happened to me or my car this was just barely and unfortunately this couldn’t be said about my garden. As I maneuvered away from the car behind me, who barely missed me the third car wasn’t so fortunate and smashed into the car in front of him, losing control. This all leading to a big van smashing at full speed into my garden! First time ever that I had to call the police, first car accident ever in the 6 years I have my drivers license and first time ever a police man reading me my rights before interrogating me about the accident (YES! They actually do that!).

So still a bit in stress from the accident earlier that morning I drove to Antwerp to celebrate Naomi’s Birthday! It was a fun night but a not so fun morning after because on Friday we went to Movie park Germany! (also for Naomi’s Birthday, think she just likes it BIG! ;) ) Lots of fun and also lots of firsts! First time ever going in a water attraction when it was snowing! Yeah I know, Spring Right!? First major Déjà vu ever! Apparently I had already been in Movie park, I had no idea until I walked into the entrance!

Out with the old.
In with the NEW!
My Dog Nala says Hi!

Wearing: Sweater - H&M / Pants - Levis / Scarf - WE; seen here / Jacket - Benetton; seen here / Bag - Pieces / Shoes - converse / Earrings - vintage from my mother / Watch - Casio; early Birthday gift / my lovely Dog: Nala, not for sale! ;)

So that was my week of firsts! In two weeks I turn 24 so lots of firsts to come! Have a sunny day

Elke, x.

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